Industry Leader (Royaltone) reveals secrets to successfully cleaning UGGS in your dry cleaning business using a simple washing machine.


These 18 FREE UGG Cleaning videos answer our most frequently asked questions and several little known secrets of the trade. These tips and tricks can shave months off your trial and error learning curve. You’ll receive answers to the following questions and much, much more:

  • Can I truly wash suede UGGS in the washing machine?
  • Won’t water make the skin become stiff and brittle?
  • What kind of profit can I make cleaning UGGS?
  • What should I charge my customers?
  • Is it a difficult process to learn and implement?
  • Are there tricks to removing salt, soil and other stains?
  • Do I need to purchase expensive equipment?
  • Is there honestly a demand for this service?
  • What should I watch for at the counter when taking UGGS in for cleaning?
  • Is it expensive to start this new service?
  • How do I prevent color loss?
  •  How do I market my new UGG Cleaning service so I start making money right away?
  • And so much more!